HPTWe are the most specialized, trained, and certified clinics in the state of Montana.  We specialize in spine care, post surgical rehabilitation,   sports therapy rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, women’s health and hand therapy.  Here at Hamilton Physical Therapy we are grateful for the opportunity to assist you with your rehabilitation. We strive to exceed your expectations and expedite your recovery.


What’s New

Bioness L300 Leg Drop System has been introduced to HPT!

Hamilton Physical Therapy now offers leading advanced technology for functional electrical stimulation. We are one of four cities in Montana to introduce this technology that helps alleviate walking challenges resulting from strokes, traumatic brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury and MS.1logo

To learn more about what we offer, click HERE.
To visit the Bioness homepage, click HERE.

Hamilton Physical Therapist, Doug Martin, is now Certified in FMS!

Hamilton Physical Therapy is pleased to share that Doug Martin
is now certified in Functional Movement Screening!  Functional
Movement Screening (FMS) is the tool used to identify limitations in fundamental movements that are key to movement qualities without complaints and injuries.

To learn more about Doug, click HERE.  To learn more about FMS, click HERE.

Corvallis Physical Therapist, Shannon Calenberg, will be certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling in March 2015!

Corvallis Physical Therapy is excited to announce that they will be adding Trigger Point Dry Needling to their clinic in March 2015.   To read and learn more about Trigger Point Dry Needling, click HERE.

To learn more about Shannon, click HERE.



HPT Would like to Welcome Our Newest Team Member!

HPT welcomed our newest member, Duain Abbott, DEP_1575-1PT, PhD in
October 2014.  Duain has a 17 year record of being a great PT and we are delighted to announce that he is joining Hamilton Physical Therapy!

To learn more about Duain, click HERE.



**In addition to our new physical therapists, we are extremely thrilled to
announce that our new clinic in Stevensville is now open for business! 

Stevensville Physical Therapy (Stevi PT) is located just off of Main Street
next to Rocky Mountain Bank.   Please call 406-777-5354 to set up an
appointment today or stop by the clinic at 212 West Main Street.


Community Involvement
Our physical therapists are active in a wide variety of community events and groups.  Check out our Community Involvement tab to see what your physical therapist is up to!

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