We strive to exceed your expectations and expedite your recovery. In doing so, we are able to accommodate your needs all throughout Western Montana at any of our seven locations. We are established in Frenchtown, Florence, Stevensville, Corvallis, Hamilton (Fairgrounds Road & Canyons Athletic Club), and Darby. Call us to set up an appointment today!

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What’s New

Please help us welcome the newest addition to our clinic family, Ashley Palacio, DPT!  Ashley may look familiar to some of you as she worked under Jackie Day, DPT, NCS for her clinical rotation.  The feedback we received from patients was nothing but positive.  We look forward to what Ashley will bring to the clinic as a PT with her own patient load.  Welcome, Ashley!Ashley Welcome Announcement jpg



MARY'S PIC website

Mary McGee, DPT, OCS, has completed advanced orthopedic rehabilitation training and is now certified!

This board certification demonstrates advanced knowledge and performance in evaluation and treatment of orthopedic conditions.   Mary’s advanced training ensures the highest level of care for orthopedic conditions such as care for neck and back pain, shoulder, knee, and joint rehabilitation cases.

Appointments can be made with Mary at our Hamilton, Canyons Athletic Club location by calling 406-363-7206.





jackie website neuro

Jackie Day, DPT, NCS, has completed advanced neurological rehabilitation training.  She has achieved board certification in neurological rehabilitation and is the only board certified neurological clinical specialist in private practice in Western Montana.  Jackie’s advanced training ensures the highest level of care for neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, balance and dizziness, and more.

Appointments can be made with Jackie at our Hamilton, Fairgrounds location by calling 406-375-0980.




Frenchtown Physical Therapy

Hamilton Physical Therapy is ecstatic to announce that we opened our newest clinic, Frenchtown Physical Therapy in May 2016!  Frenchtown PT is located at 16400 Frontage Road in Frenchtown, Montana.  Our family of clinics is also happy to share that Cassandra Bartels will be joining us as a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) in our Frenchtown clinic as well as outlying clinics while she builds her patient load.

Call them today to set up an appointment! Phone: 406.626.0026





Julie Kightlinger, DPT has transferred clinics and is now Clinic Manager of Frenchtown Physical Therapy in Frenchtown, Montana.  Aside from taking on her new role at our newly opened clinic, Julie has finished her training for Trigger Point Dry Needling in Craniofacial, Cervicothoracic, and Upper Extremity Conditions. Julie is also continuing her education for Lower Extremity and Lumbar Conditions.

Great job, Julie!

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Hamilton Physical Therapy is thrilled to announce that Cassandra Bartels, PTA is joining Hamilton PT, Frenchtown PT, and Physical Therapy Specialists of Florence!  Cassandra recently graduated from the University of Montana and has attended her clinical at Hamilton Physical Therapy under the supervision of Clinic Manager, Sheri Stroppel, PT, OCS, CHT.

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Community Involvement


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Our SPEED and AGILITY camp is a progressive program targeting the development of fundamental motor abilities. It enhances the capability of athletes to be more skillful at faster speeds and perform with greater precision.  This camp is open to middle school and high school students in select areas.

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