We strive to exceed your expectations and expedite your recovery. In doing so, we are able to accommodate your needs all throughout Western Montana at any of our eight locations. We are established in Hamilton (Fairgrounds Road & Canyons Athletic Club), Corvallis, Darby, Stevensville, Florence, Frenchtown, and Drummond.  Please click on each clinic to be redirected to our contact pages where you’ll find our address, phone, fax and more!  Call us to set up an appointment today!


What’s New


We Know Continuing Education Matters:

Continuing education is a very important part of what our Therapists do for our community. Not only is it important that they know how to treat patients to the best of their abilities but, having the knowledge to do so and continue their education learning new techniques helps improve the quality of care our patients receive and deserve.

Our continuing education courses have been through NAIOMT (The North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy).  “Get the right diagnosis fast and learn more techniques to improve patient satisfaction.”  Continuing our education helps set our team apart from our peers.  Right now there are currently only 8 CMPT (Certified Manual Physical Therapists) in the state of Montana and we plan to add a handful more ranging from Darby, MT up to Frenchtown, MT.

We are taking our last class on Friday, July 13th, 2018 and everyone who has been in the program since we started a couple years ago, will be taking their finals come later this year and into next year.  We are thrilled to be able to say that a majority of our PT staff will soon be Board Certified in Manual Therapy.

Manual Therapy involves the manipulation of muscles, tendons, skin and other soft tissues to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. It’s increasingly offered to augment traditional therapies, and can be administered by itself and can often be coupled with therapeutic exercises if deemed appropriate for patient care.

Read more about NAIOMT here!



Community Involvement

On Sunday, June 17th, 2018 Jackie Day, DPT, NCS participated in the half Iron Man 70.3 in Couer d’Alene, ID.  This event includes running (13.1 miles), biking (56 miles) and swimming (1.2 miles).  Jackie was more than happy to have the support of her crew which included her mom, brother, and Doug and Heidi Martin.  Everyone helped cheer her on until she crossed the finish line.  Doug has previously participated in Iron Man events as well.


“In 1978, U.S. Naval Commander John Collins and his wife Judy issued a challenge. They proposed combining Oahu’s 2.4 mile swim race, 112 mile bike race, and 26.2 mile marathon. On February 18, 1978 fifteen competitors, including Collins, traveled to Waikiki to take on the first-ever IRONMAN challenge.”

”Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles- BRAG FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. ”

– John Collins, IRONMAN Founder

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On Saturday, March 10, 2018 Robyn Thomas (Practice Manager), Tami Van Kirk (Billing Specialist & Corvallis Front Desk Receptionist), Jackie Day, DPT, NCS and Kimberly Gillespie, PTA all attended the 15th Annual Linda Massa Youth Home Gala.

Since 2002, the Linda Massa Youth Home (formerly known as the Bitterroot Youth Home) has provided kids in crisis a safe, strength based structured living environment, with a safety net of support services and a chance to thrive in their own community. Many of the children we care for have not experienced healthy relationships or safe adults. We teach these kids to trust adults and equip them to begin making the right choices in their lives. We live together, eat meals together, and take on the daily responsibilities of home living.

Because they remain in their community, youth can continue to attend school, maintain appropriate family ties, and participate in community activities. All of these stabilizing factors give a child his or her best hope for healing. The majority of youngsters in our program return home or move into long-term community settings.

We feel so fortunate to be able to spend an evening dedicated to the young individuals of our community at the Linda Massa Youth Home.


Chris Andersen, MPT, OCS of Corvallis Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation spends time as a fishing guide at Stafford’s Pond teaching those with special needs how to fish.  Chris and his other instructors provide lunch and drinks for those that partake in these events that they’ve put on three years in a row.

Chris states, “it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to teach people something I personally love to do.  If they catch fish they get to keep and eat them.  We spend about three hours at Stafford’s Pond and just have a great time getting to know each other.”  Poles are lent to everyone by Game & Fish which ensures everyone has the chance to enjoy the sport.