Trigger Point Dry Needling

The easiest way to think of this treatment is to relate it to a massage. The knots in your muscles that massage therapy often targets are similar areas of treatment for IMT (also known as Trigger Point Dry Needling-TDN). Often times these knots live at a deep level that fingers and hands just can’t get to. Those knots are the goal of IMT. The needles used are very fine, thin, and flexible and are quickly tapped into the muscle and causes those knots to decrease, the muscle to loosen, and healing to begin which ultimately decreases pain and increases proper function. Does massage give you great relief, but doesn’t last as long as you would like? People who have good results with massage but are disappointed when the discomfort returns will find TDN a great way to get more long-lasting relief. TDN works best for people with overuse injuries, chronic pain, and sports injuries. We are able to treat nearly any muscle in the body and can treat the muscle at depths impossible with other types of bodywork. TDN is a great way to get more out of your massage therapy by allowing us to get rid of the deep knots and restrictions that have, up until now, been unreachable. TDN is not appropriate for people with brand new injuries that are swollen and acutely painful. It is also not always appropriate for people who have excessively loose joints, but an evaluation will help us make that decision.


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